Help a new guy out with D7000 focus issues

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don't worry I DO realise MF also works

before we talk about MF, let's not forget that a lot of cameras in history, have had such deep DOF, that there was no real need to bother much about focus. And even where one does need to focus, there are many situations where a tiny bit of planning gives a very deep DOF also. That's how a lot of historical photography was done and that's why it worked.

then, YES, I do understand that where there is shallow-ish DOF, MF can work.

is MF difficult to do? Not at all. I own an old film SLR, it has this semi-matte focusing screen, and my kids learned to do it in seconds. So as far as I'm concerned there is no "people should learn the skill of MF". THough of course it's nice to learn to think in 3D - but you can also do this with an iPhone 4 when you tap on various areas for the main focus point, and see the overall effect on the photo.

have I worked w MF in the digital age? Sure. I own a couple superzoom cameras which are not that good at following action (well latest generation can do some AF tracking fairly well actually). So I've made quite a few action shots by just setting the MF to some fixed distance and shooting away. And I occasionally use my DSLR on MF though in reality I have never found it to be more precise than live-view AF (ie contrast-detect).

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