Sony HX100V vs. FZ35

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Re: Here are my guesses:

The 9. It was worse than the 5 before it.

Image quality, or rather the definition of it, has changed recently. You need to factor this in. The BSI CMOS sensors can perform tricks that allow cameras with them to venture off after DSLR image attributes like dynamic range and bokah (limited depth of field). The result is that you may not be comparing images in the correct way. You won't be alone either. A notable review of superzooms here placed the HS10 well down the pecking order, when in fact overall it's an easy outright winner. In fact here you go; night a day difference: Thes shots, copywrite DPreview, are from its superzoom review, with a winner, the FZ35, and the lowly HS10. Now with this presentation you cannot see pixel level detail, you can only judge the image itself.

First off the night shot. Well for starters the Fz35 can't do sky. It is, in fact, unprintable. Next the FZ35 is running into yellow blotchies, especially over the left tower arch. And finally the HS10 has presented a decent sky AND raised fractionally more detail along the shoreline under the road span itself.

Next onto daylight. Well the shots are identical bar the finest differences in white balance. Zoom into the full size images, and you will see the FZ35 make more detail of, say, The lamp post on the foundation of the left tower. But who cares? As an allround camera the HS10 is bouncing all over the FZ35; in direct contradiction to the review conclusions.

Now some question if the FZ35 really is the best FZ, and others couldn't wait to send back their HS10. But I have seen more staggering photos from the HS10 than I have the FZ35; on the DPreview forums alone.

You can see people using these cameras here:

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The FZ50: DSLR handling of a bright Leica 35-420mm lens that's this good: (slideshow always good). And now add the LX2:
[Tomorrows camera is better and smaller than todays]

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