"CanNikon Review" - NOT DP Review anymore. How sad :(

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Re: The fundemental problem with "popularity"

withthegrain wrote:

The review priority based on popularity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People buy into a system based on reviews; in this case there was no Olympus review to consider when making their purchase. Next season, people who may have considered Oly had there been a review are already "in" a system, and they will then have there attention naturally drawn to the new review within their brand.

I am sympathetic to the fact that this is the high end camera and not likely a "impulse purchase". But, if such priority were given to the e620 replacement (if there were one), I would be pretty concerned.

Except that this isn't about brand, but about market niche. Entry level olympus cameras get reviewed just as fast as the rest.

And no one spending $1700 on a camera is doing so based on any single review.

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