Widest angle, prime affordable low-light lens? (did a search, couldn't find info)

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Widest angle, prime affordable low-light lens? (did a search, couldn't find info)

First - this seems like a question that much come up a lot, but I did a search and couldn't find a thread that really answered my question -

"wides angle prime lens canon site:dpreview.com"


I'm trying to figure out what lens for a Canon t3i or 60d that's -
1. A prime good for low light
2. As wide angle as possible

3. Relatively affordable - let's say preferably $500 or less, but up to $1k if it would make a difference

Here's the lenses I know of -
28mm f1.8 from Canon, $489
24mm f1.4 from Canon, but it's $1,750 - yikes.
20mm f1.8 from Sigma, $520.

Is the Sigma 20mm (32mm-equivalent) f1.8 the absolute widest angle, f2.0 or better lens anyone knows of? Is there any better lens that I missed? Seems like it's still not quite wide enough. As the 28mm-equivalent on my s95 is still often just-slightly-to-close...

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