E-1 compared to Ektar film

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Re: E-1 compared to Ektar film

I had a similar experience when I first bought an E-1 in 2005 (I had been holding off on an DSLR until the resolution increased, but I weakened due to E-1 discounting). For the previous 15+ years I had shot only slides - primarily Kodachrome (25/64/200) and Fuji Velvia (50/100) but also various Agfas and some Ektachrome. The first time I saw skin tones from the E-1 my time with film was over - colour accuracy was the most natural I had shot with. And also discovered that every pixel held detail, whilst with my scans from film (4000 DPI on a Nikon Coolscan 5) the detail I was scanning was film grain.

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