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I have had far too many QC issues with lenses and a few with camera bodies. Turning me off from making new purchases and then having to run tests that should have done at the factory (especially for pricey lenses). Then there is the return issue of trying to convince a local dealer, if you have one, that the product is not performing properly and you want another sample or refund. Sometimes, not a pleasant experience. If a car with thousands of complex parts can be delivered with a just a couple of QC issues, I don't understand what's wrong with the QC in the photo biz.


On of the good things about buying on line in the UK is we get 7 days to have a play with good before deciding if we want to keep them. We can then send them back for a full refund, no questions asked. Its not something i would do just to try out something but after having a lot of problems returning goods to a shop this is a lot easier.

I know this isnt good for local retailers but with poor QC happening more and more these days i tend to only make big purchases on line now as it is a bit safer IMO.

I'm glad the OP got it sorted. Its a shame he had to go through all that but Amazon are pretty good for returns so it was worth persevering.

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