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Re: total myth True but

Clint Dunn wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Yep, yep. Landscape = large DOF, small aperture and my point is the main subject (or element) in a landscape photo is rarely going to be in the corners of the image. That's not where the foreground will be. There's a thing called the rule of thirds that holds true very often. you even shoot landscapes?? Or for that matter, do you ever use an ultra wide angle lens?? I do, I use an UWA for easily 90% of my photos and I can tell you the corners DO matter.

Dude , yes I do, and yes I do. Though over time I find myself using longer focal lengths to compose more tightly for stronger compositions. Personally I find ultra wide angles to just be too wide unless you are very close to your subject or foreground. The widest I generally shoot is in the 28 to 35mm range.

I often frame to the very edges of the image, whether it be a landscape shot or an architectural element

Now you're talking architecture. Make up your mind. On a landscape, most often a say what is at the upper corners of the image won't be at the same distance as your foreground, so the DOF will be different. Corners are certainly important if you are photographing a flat rug, a wall where the subject is all on one plane and nearly or does fill the frame from corner to corner.

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