Why do people defend their equipment?

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Re: Why do people defend their equipment?

Actually I don't think photographers are so bad. We may disagree about whether it's better to take a S95, E-PL2, or 5D mk II on a trip, but nobody really argues that there's a tradeoff involved. Everyone just values the tradeoff differently.

Now if you want craziness, look at audiophiles. Some of those guys are wacko. There's a minority who think shining a fluorescent light on your CD will make it sound better. Or that you can hear a difference if you use $21,000 speaker cables because they transmit signals at 99.99999% of the speed of light instead of merely 99.999%.

Or wine for that matter. Personally, I'm gong to continue to bless my fellow photographers until the day one of them holds up a print and says "Oly colors have a mellow, oaky tone, with hints of raspberries and paprika, finishing with a smooth vanilla tail. These colors would pair excellently with either an Epson full-format printer with eight di-chromatic inks or an arugula and beet salad."

Count our blessings, I say.

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