Epson 1900 feed problems with premium matte paper

Started Feb 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
Vernon D Rainwater Forum Pro • Posts: 13,483
Re: Epson 1900 feed problems with premium matte paper

Jim Cummings wrote:

I have a relatively new 1900 which produces wonderful prints. I tried the newest version of Epson's Premium Presentaion Matte paper which is much thinner than the version it replaces. Great quality prints but the Epson feeds multiple sheets every time, despite fanning the paper and carefully positioning the paper in the feeder. Any one have any thoughts?

I have been using the "Best quality" of Epson Matte Paper for close to 8 years and (of course) that includes the "latest named" Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte and have never had even one issue with any type of paper feed problem.

I use the paper in 4 different Epson Models of printers -- C80, 2200, R800, and 3880.

Also, I did not notice any difference in the thickness or any other attributes with the name change(s).

It must be an issue with your printer. Suggest cleaning the Printer Paper Feed Rollers. Just plain old "household" rubbing alcohol does a good job on my HP Laser printers over the past many years.

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