SX30 - Birds in Trees part 2: Sometimes there's a twig...

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Re: SX30 - Birds in Trees part 2: Sometimes there's a twig...

rdsatkaycee wrote:

Hi Kenn, thanks for all the help with the sx30! Question though, why do you turn the servo off, thanks again!

Hi rdsatkaycee,

Thanks for asking this question.

I had assumed that continuous refocusing while shooting would both slow the shot to shot speed (as it significantly does on our Sx-IS cams), and also risk misfocusing on continuous shots. But I just did a quick test and it seems to have no effect on shot to shot speed at all! Not sure yet how reliable the continuous shooting AF will be... We're in the habit of locking focus (with half-press) and relying on that for continuous shots as long as our subject stays in frame. I'll be doing more extensive testing on this and report back if I find there are any disadvantages, but it would appear that Servo AF- On may indeed become a preferred setting for us.
Thanks again and good shooting,


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