2 Amateur Terrorists erm Photographers arrested

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Re: Denis.... if you believe the assumption....

Marty4650 wrote:

that the terrorists need "one more photo" of the Tower of London Bridge in order to carry out a plot to bomb it, in other words "one more than the 40,000 that already exists on the internet," then perhaps these anti-photography rules might have some merit.

And then we would probably have to assume that a smart terrorist would be using a Nikon D3 or a Leica M9, because they will need the highest resolution crops in order to plan their attacks. A cell phone camera or a cheap P&S camera just won't do.

And that terrorist would be carrying a camera bag and a tripod, and would be disguised to look like an ordinary Brit.

And when challenged, the "smart terrorist" would argue with the police, thereby drawing more attention to himself.

This is precisely how silly these rules are.
This has absolutely nothing to do with "fighting terrorism."

It's just police trying to demonstrate they are "doing something" to make the streets safer. Some sort of campaign to justify their salaries, despite their record of failure preventing these crimes.

Hey now, don't muck up a perfectly good thread with logical observations!

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