steves-digicams D7000 review

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Re: probably correct

So, if you think people are retards, your response is to be equally retarded?

AF Fine tune is obviously a great feature! I love it!

However, when AF Fine tune at -20 almost gets it right on many lenses that works flawlessly on several camera, can you not agree that is not how it should be?

cmvsm wrote:

d3xmeister wrote:

Could anything be more clearer than this ? cmvsm still don't get it, it's just incredible.

Go to the D300 forum, and you'll see how 'frowned upon' the feature set is to use. The word 'amazing' is used time and time again, yet you view it as some kind of feature that tells you when your camera is Again, being the 'Pro' that you claim to be, what's amazing is that you have no clue how to use this simple feature set that exists on the cameras that you claim to use for work. The D300, D3, and D700 all have this feature, and its there for a reason.

So based on your's and Mayor's comments, every lens that you get is presumed to be perfect, and this feature is pretty much useless and not to be used? LOL....ok.

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