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Re: UV...filters. wood's glass.

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Dave Martin wrote:

B & H has a 2" diameter Wood's Glass filter for $8.95

Wood's glass blocks visible pretty well but leaks in the IR IIRC.

Dave, I don't know if that's an actual "Wood's glass" IR filter. The writeup says "dichroic". That would mean it should block IR, in addition to visible light.

I ordered one to try... Here's a pointer to a Wood's glass data source, showing a peak at about 390nm, a short cutoff at about 360nm; it transmits up to about 410 nm.


At $8.95 it is certainly worth a try; it doesn't go into the UV very far but maybe it'll be ok with the camera's silicon detector and Bayer filter. The IR leak begins at about 720nm so might be clipped sufficiently by the camera's hot mirror (I'll be using a Pentax K-x).

I should have it in a few days and will report.


PS I hope the B&H filter is in fact the Roscoe Glass ... the ad clearly says it is the right Roscoe glass. 2" diameter

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