Autofocus Noise with a 550D / T2i - Some Help Appreciated!

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Autofocus Noise with a 550D / T2i - Some Help Appreciated!

Hi there,

Please don’t laugh too hard at the following question…

1. I've had a Canon 20D for a number of years and whilst it still takes fantastic photos I'm looking to get something that combines video as well.

2. I've been looking at the Canon 550D / T2i which seems to be a decent entry level model.

3. As I said I'm a beginner, so whilst manual focus in stills is generally OK, I'm not convinced I'd be able to do that with a moving subject (especially if zooming at the same time as well). There's also a need to be able to just pick up the camera and shoot video straight away.

4. The AF on the kit lens seems to be very loud according to this:

Even with the USM lens it’s still audible (same body, same environment):

5. Even if (somehow) I were able to use manual focus it appears that the IS is still audible constantly in the background.

6. Now, I'm NOT expecting "professional" results.

I need video for some social situations (usual stuff) and there will generally be background noise.

Even though with some good editing and post processing I've seen some amazing results, especially with the 50mm prine:

So... what would you advise?

(a) Stick with Manual Focus (even though the IS might be constantly audible) AND might be difficult for a beginner to manually focus?
(b) Invest in a high end USM lens with "no" noise (is there even such a thing)?
(c) Use smaller aperture so that "everything" is in focus?

(d) Admit defeat and just go with the "easy" solution, being A GF1 / GH1 with these autofocus (admittedly good) results:

Really stuck ladies and gents so any help is much appreciated..

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