Flickr accidentally deletes a photoblogger's whole account

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Re: Flickr accidentally deletes a photoblogger's whole account

Yes, Andy, I do know about, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that feature only work on a single gallery basis? I have over 100 galleries now, can I do like Facebook and download all photos in all galleries in a single download? If so, great. But it does not look like it works that way. Which means Facebook has a leg up in two ways, because on Facebook:

  • You can download all of your photos in a single download

  • The Facebook download includes all data, not just photos. I hope there would be the possibility to download not just the photos in Smugmug galleries but also with captions, keywords, gallery image sequence, and other metadata entered online that defines a gallery. (Is new metadata embedded into the images?) It does not appear that Smugmug does any of this; no matter how much work you put into a gallery you only get back a zip of the photos. If I read it right.

Andy Williams wrote:

Can you be more specific? I did not just say that Facebook says that, they actually do it. As I pointed out, Facebook has a one-click button to download all your photos, metadata, posts, events in one file. Where is the button on Flickr that does that? Where is the button in Picasa that does that? I know where the button is on SmugMug that does it, but it's not free and it's a disc you wait for, not an immediate download.

Actually, it is free, you can always download your photos from SmugMug - and not pay a dime: holler to us if you ever have any questions we'll be happy to help.

  • Andy

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