Nobody cares about the new products from Canon?

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Re: Nobody cares about the new products from Canon?

Thank you for very clear, superb explanation and teaching effort.
with regards

MM1 wrote:

jaykumarr wrote:

As I am really not able to get clarity, please tell me :

How this module is different and 'like 7D' ? Is it going to improve AF speed ? ( Along with multi focus points, 7D brought some issues as side effects ). Or it is not AF speed of 7D but other AF features?

Yep, other AF features for me. For starters, I made myself spoiled with the old 1D2 camera and if I really love something about its AF it's the accuracy . I was unable to get such an accuracy from older AF systems with the cameras I own(ed) or just had to play with. These included 350D (well, that one was really underpowered AF), 400D, 30D and 40D.

400D and 30D basically share AF system, and this is what the newer xxxD cameras have too with some tweaks perhaps.

What I don't like about this system is that its outer points aren't even cross ones, and they cannot be relied on when used alone (single one of them), unless you shoot some huge DOF and have optimal target (i.e. these were great shooting black-on-white barcodes, but failed miserably in real life). 7D has all points a cross type.

Okay, but I can live with this - I only use the outer points as a form of "assist points" when shooting some AF difficult scene, like pub/club lighting and people and I have some Speedlite mounted and use its AF assist.

But then there is the center point. While "on paper" it is as good as the center point of 1D (except the AF limits), it is much more unreliable. It is day and night difference between the same lens performance mounted on the old 1D and the cameras I mentioned. 7D should be better here too.

While I am yet to give 7D a try with my "static target test" (it is a black-on orange pen drawing on my wall, about 4 meters distant, I shoot 85/1.8 USM wide open), I just see the AF systems on xxxD and xxD Canon cameras making little to no progress since 400D and 40D, which is a bit sad given that we got new image sensor on almost every release.

I still see Canon's market segmentation by AF going at full steam while ciompetitors seem to be passing by already. And a reliable AF is a key factor for a photographer, unless one shoots landscape or macros. Also, the famous 45-pt AF was designed 13 years ago, yet Canon pretend it can't trickle down to amateurs so they can focus their expensive L glass well, and instead they keep mounting outdated and "crippled" AF systems into new cameras.

7D was a bit of a game change to me, I thought Canon were to enrich the camera lines with better AF systems... Gosh, in the past you could buy $80 50/1.8 lens, but you neeeded $4000 camera to AF it reliably.(Ys, my 50/1.8 always has been a little hit-miss on my xxxD and xxD bodies and now started to behave great on old 1D).

Is it not that high speed 'dual processor' made the AF difference ? Or that dual processor is not a part of AF module ?

AF module defines AF sensitivity and precision, and the processors behind it give speed (AF computations) and perhaps reliability with the algorithms of additional checking whether the sensors of the AF module see focused image or not.

MM1 wrote:

There's nothing really to rave about. New AF module like in 7D, that would be surprising. Apart from the display, it's a yawn release.

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