Olympus Customer Service - E-PL2 red dots

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Olympus Customer Service - E-PL2 red dots

I posted the following information within another thread, but thought I'd post it here for anyone who is concerned about the E-PL2 red dots. My experience with Olympus customer service was excellent, even though I'm disappointed as I will be returning my camera.

Yesterday afternoon I took my new E-PL2 out for the first time. It was about 4:00 p.m. and I was shooting mostly reflections and shadows which were really awesome. There was still quite a bit of snow - and the sun was getting low, but not yet setting. I did try a couple of shots into the sun, but most of what I shot were of the reflections and shadows on the buildings, snow, etc.

Unfortunately, I got more than my share of red dots, and not just on the ones shot into the sun. I really thought this would NOT be a problem for me, as I don't normally shoot into the sun. So what's a few red spots? However, these were shots that I would do normally - on a beautiful afternoon with a blue sky, etc. I couldn't believe how many of my images were filled with large red dots.

Today I called Olympus inquiring about the red dots. I was treated well by customer service. The person I spoke to said he was not aware of the situation so he checked with his supervisor.

Information I was given: Olympus has just recently become aware of the red dot situation and is presently looking into it. They do not yet know if it is an issue/problem with the E-PL2.

I told him that I am concerned because I would like to keep it, BUT I do not want to find out 2 months from now that I have to return it to Olympus - or send it in for repair along with all the people who purchase it in the meantime, and wait a month or 2 to get it back.

He said he understood and assured me that they are looking into the situation.

Well, unfortunately I am returning it. I am sad, actually, because it is really a nice camera, but to me this is a sign that there is a concern even with Olympus. I hope it is resolved soon.

In the meantime, I would encourage other people who have this camera whether or not it is a problem to you to call or email Olympus just to let them know people are concerned. Two out of three people I spoke with in customer service never heard of the red dots. Maybe if they get enough emails/calls they will put a rush on looking into it.

Anyone think I'm making a mistake by returning it too soon? I only have 7 more days within the return policy to do so.

Thanks for any input.


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