Disappointing 600D release

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Disappointing 600D release

It's a warmed-over 550D with even more newbie features. I wonder if they relocated the on-off sensor, or if the battery will just be wasted now as the (unneeded IMHO) articulated screen will stay on longer.

What would have actually turned my head on this release would have been some combination of:

  • improved autofocus

  • in-body stabilization

  • AF microadjust

  • improved buffering

  • dual card slots

... in other words I guess I'd like to see a more semi-pro small body, or game-changing features. (I know others have in-body stabilization, but I'm talking about the Canikon detente here.)

Canon could have followed their trend of pushing the higher-end features into the lower-end bodies, but this release is obviously all about appealing to happy snappers from P&S land. It makes marketing sense, but is disappointing from a photographic perspective.

OTOH, the 200-400L is something to get excited about. I don't have a need for it, but it will surely be quite nice. I'd like to see how the image quality stacks up to the 400 f/5.6L and 500L.

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