s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: Comparison shots...

Arksun wrote:

Think I like the 3rd pic best, though that might be to do with it being ISO 200 instead of ISO 250. The books in particular look better in that one.

And I am more inclined towards the 1st pic, though quite happy with the 4th one (like the 3rd pic it is also ISO 200 but shot at night whereas the 3rd one was done in the (cloudy) morning hence some background daylight there).

2nd cam (assuming it didn't just have an off focusing issue on that snap) pic is defo softer all round.

No, it didn't, such "soft all round" pics were precisely the issue with that camera.

I wasn't able to view/download orig 100% for some reason though, could only view small/medium/large, large not being full scale, so its hard to judge to mine.

Sorry, no idea how to make it differently... (other than posting crops).

Kinda feel like with mine its sharpest in center, but gets software towards the edges.

Yes, this is quite typical and is due to f/2 aperture. According to the others, S95 is at sharpest at around f/4-f/4.5 values.

Eigenmeat wrote:

I gotten two new Pany LX5 from Amazon, one with dust on sensor, one with like 4x4 dead pixel chunk on LCD. I wonder how Amazon handle their return, it might very well be just a recycling pool....

Sorry to hear about that. I find Amazon (UK) return process quite easy and straightforward: You first get in touch with them (by phone or email), explain the issue and ask for a replacement. Once approved (usually no problems), they then issue you a new order and send per email an RMA return form. Return is handled by DHL, so everything you need to do is to fill on-line a couple of fields to book a collection day/time from your place. This all is at no extra cost to you.

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