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Re: OMGz0r new 60D C&C Welcomed

Vincent Lindsay wrote:

The other thing I have a hard time with too is focusing. How exactly do i KNOW its tack sharp when having it hand held?


You don't. If you did, then other people would and this would be a pretty dull forum (or at least a bitch-free one). That's where the practice comes in. Once you know your camera you'll know when it's telling you the truth (most of the time).

As you start to play with DOF and such you'll see how much more critical it is. Lemme see, you got the 24-105 right? Hand held should be not much of an issue with IS turned on. I don't recall your shots looking OOF, at least the ones you posted.

Today I was shooting some fruit trees that were starting to bloom, and daffodils. It was really windy. I was using a zoom at around 200-300 and playing with DOF and focus (trying to get focus on branches behind other ones). Chances of getting a good shot were slim - but I did get some. Moral: practice! That's the beauty of digital.

Anyway, you seem to have a handle on what you're doing. Your shots are going to be so much better in just a few weeks I'm probably wasting my time. As far as creative cropping - I've included 2 examples of the sign, one with almost no modification, the other to break up the symmetry. IMO, symmetry works if there's a special reason for it, if not zoom in and find some interest. Like the tiles on the wall or a few letters.

You can see how the extraneous stuff in the main image is gone, less clutter. Second one is off center, making your eyes move to (hopefully) the desired location.

I'd recommend finding some books on composition. I went to art college and have spent 30+ years as an art/creative director so this is sort of natural(ish) for me. Of course I hired good photographers - I just like to shoot! I too have a lot to learn.

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