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Re: Really?

victorian squid wrote:

I think you're going to need time with your camera and get some more serious shots for C&C! This looks like you're just snapping shots with your new toy.

Well yeah, im not getting paid and I was testing it out to make sure its functioning correctly. I, by no means, claim to be a pro. Far from it. I understand the basics and are just now getting into strobist type things. But if shots like "Mr. McNaughty and food pictures can get C&C, I think I did a little more Variety and flavor imho. TEHO you know?

But if you want a critique:

Yes thank you

1) Like the colors - the lighting is even kind of nice. But IMO you need to get down at dog level and make the shot a little more interesting. I'm not keen on the overall composition and the way (she?) is cropped off on the left. There's also something distracting in the background (like a bone) and while blurry - with the tile background being so uniform sort of pops out.

I should talk - we have dogs and I get maybe, maybe 1 out of 20 decent shots of them since they WON'T HOLD STILL. Especially when I get down to their level - that means it's time to play!

First thing about this picture, I found it so strange how that flash rejuvenated, for lack of a better word, my dog. Shes almost 2 and really doesnt look like it in that picture, still looks almost puppish. And the flash seemed to stun her. Yeah I see what you mean about the bone, I didnt notice it when i took the picture. I didnt crop, and I am down on my knees. The flash was 1/4 i think because I was just messing around and this came out nice. It was 3 feet from the dog bouncing off the wall.

2) Fun, although nothing particularly interesting for me. No punchline so to speak. To me the abstract shots really need something going for them as far as color and composition. Experiment!

Yeah, another picture I know nothing special, but i had fun with driving ona smooth road and simulating speed imo. like hyperspeed

3) Flash can be a bitch. It looks like too much from the top left - don't like the shadow being cast under her face or even on her arm from the sweater. Are you using off flash and your onboard as a fill? Needs some tweaking. For 3 and 4 letting the strobists here know your setup would be a great help.

No flash, Lighting is the malls lights. I didnt think to look and see how in between she was to each light. Thanks for teaching me to look. No, I didnt (and dont) want use fill flash from the on board. This is just what the settings are.

Its ISO 3200. and she liked the picture so it puts a smile on my face.

4) Too harsh. Looks like a failed flash. Nose shadow is not flattering. This type of lighting can be a real bear, and is an artform all to itself. Needs a softbox - and perhaps a lit wall (snoot, barndoor or cookie or such) in background - any strobists here want to pipe up?

It didnt fail, and as you can see, impatience is a universal facial expression ;). I see the shadow on the face, and I will be correcting it when I install the canon software on my system. Remember everything is SOOC.

5) if you shoot something symmetrical - it had better be! Needs some cropping on the right to remove whatever that is going on over there. A little lens (perspective) correction would also be in order. Personally I think this is one that needs some creative cropping in general - otherwise it looks like a sign.

I just liked the way the red looked on here. Figured it was a "first shots" thread, so why not. Im not too great with cropping, let alone "creative" cropping.

As far as the "ghost" goes - isn't her arm resting on a piece of glass? I'd call reflection on that one! If not, please show the ones that are worse!

Otherwise, go out and have great time with that setup - I'm jealous!

Under the Elbow.

Thanks for responding.

I look forward to learning more now that I have something to outlet on, and when its not raining for no reason here, I will get more shots. I tried some of a squirrel but my tripod for the film Canon I have isnt steady enough. I think Im bordering its weight limit?

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