Can Anyone List Why The E5 is Competitive and Should Be Higher Rated?

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Re: Can Anyone List Why The E5 is Competitive and Should Be Higher Rated?

Maybe the following will help:

I'm a long time reader of DP review and even though DP generally favors the most popular cameras in Nov of 07 I selected the Olympus E-3 as I moved away from film. My prior SLR of choice was Nikon for my wedding events and travel. I opted for the E-3 because where I shoot the going gets very tough with rain, sand, salt spray, dust, and just plain camera killing elements. I also selected E-3 because of overall less bulk and a full frame 4/3 format that more closely matches standard photo frame print size without much if any cropping.

Olympus has always been the new horizon leader opting to place seemingly gadet type options on their cameras to be criticized by reviewers like DP as being semi-pro or consumer but would later end up in pro camera bodies. Now Olympus has all but eliminated the AA filter and others will soon follow.

As you read DP's final review take note of careful wording that skirts around the new E-5 bodies stellar features like weather sealing as being the class leader. Yes Nikon and Canon that were used to compare have a modest amount of weather sealing but they also have a weak link like the pop up flash. Any camera is only as good as its weakest link when it comes to weather sealing. In my travels when it rains I get the shots and those fellow travelers with Nikon or Canon run for cover.

DP's final review testing confirms the E-5 has the second best standard DR of the four models compared, with Nikon taking the lead in highlights, but with the E-5 leading in the shadows. Engage DR added depth software in all models and then the E-5 has the widest DR of all four. So to say the E-5 lacks in DR goes against DP's own testing. Taking DP's review to another level by researching past reviews of say the Canon Mark 5II and comparing it to the E-5 you will find that the E-5 beats the Canon Mark in total DR as well.

Next point DP evaluated resolution very well and indicates very sharp images with very high lines of resolution in JPEG as well as RAW. However, DP failed to compare the E-5 to the other models with the resolution charts. In prior reviews DP generally compares all models in the review for resolution. DP elected to omit resolution comparision in their final review. If you research DP's prior reviews of the cameras compared you will find the E-5 beats the Nikon and Canon as well as the Pentax used in comparison.

Olympus glass is class leading and half the bulk of Nikon and Canon. So on closer examination of the wording in the DP review you will note that few words indicate just how more compact the E-5 is as compared to the competition when you attach a lens.

Lastly with the DP resolution evaluation they used default settings for JPEG and produced slightly over 2600 lines. I wonder what the resolution lines would be with the JPEG setting as super fine Vs default.

JPEG color is where you want it right out of the camera. But then if you want to spend your life in post buy the Nikon or Canon. If you spend most of your time above say ISO 2000 and love to sit in front of your PC than Nikon or Canon is for you. However, if you want to be a photographer and not a darkroom technician go another direction. Also don't forget to carry a plastic bag to protect your investment.

Depth of field: Many people like the effect of the more shallow depth of field from a 35mm lens. However, most other manufacturers lens selection isn't as fast as that from Olympus. I'm not saying the faster Olympus creates the exact same effect as 35mm format with a slighly slower lens but I tell you that sometimes you really need the extra depth of field especiall in low light. Example at a recent wedding there were two professional photographers assigned to the event. One was me and the other a friend with Canon gear. The Canon failed to capture the proper depth of field detail for the rign and hand shot. My E-5 with 12-60mm locked on very sharp in low available light at ISO 1600 with not issue. The other professional took at least a dozen shots and I took two with both being just fine for the final photo delivery to the couple. The Canon photographer asked me to take the shot as his camera was failing to provide sufficient depth of field.

The key feature of the E-5 is the much weaker AA filter. Olympus has once again opened up new territory with the much weaker AA filter. I'm certain all other manufacturers as we speak are back at the drawing board trying to copy what Olympus has done with the E-5. Olympus has now matched lens and body for a nearly perfect world as DP mildly indicates with their resolution testing especially with RAW exceeding perfect Nyquist limits unlike Nikon and Canon falling short of the objective. DP review did a very good job of pointing out how sharp the E-5 is, but failed to compare that testing to the other cameras in the review. Being silent over such a critical comparison makes me wonder why they failed to include such comparison when a resolution comparison is generally included with prior DP reviews in models past. I strongly feel DP should establish standard review coverage for the written word just as they have for their bench testing.

The E-5 sensor is a 2008 vintage which tells me Olympus had time to perfect the process and not rush to market. As for me I'm a 1948 vintage and just sold all of my Nikon film equipment and will be heading for Cambodia very soon during the rain season and maybe next year the Amazon. My new E-5 has already taken wedding photos without flash at ISO 1600 and 2500 very well.

Sometimes you have to have the courage not to be a sheep. Will Rodgers once said "we are all ignorant, just on different subjects".

DP's wording was carefully thought out but clearly indicates they like Nikon a great deal. To omit facts is the same as not being totally truthful.

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