X100 lens - not that great?

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Re: X100 lens - not that great?

camera lenses are the epitome of the engineering problem ....

What sacrifice would you like to make .... Spherical lens, spherical film, a building to hold it, and a government budget, and you can get an exceptional lens! Just a few compromises there.

Got 10K for a lens, a current generation Noctolux is a lovely lens.

Got $350, get a Nikon 55mm 1.2 AIS .... and stop down.

Today, the reality is, for relatively little money, if you are shooting with plenty of light, a $400-500 point and shoot is going to give very good results until your start shooting fast moving things. ( LX-3, S90, X100, TL500, XZ-1 )

It's the edges of the photographic problem that get harder to solve .... low light, fast moving, close focus, really wide angle, huge prints. The more towards the edges of the problems, the more they cost to solve, just simple physics and engineering.

So, yes, the X100 will be optimized for a range ....... go figure!


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