Pentax DSLR cameras 'exceed expectations'

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Good news

Thats great news.

Even as a Nikon user I want to see them do as well as possible. More competition will drive greater improvement for everyone.

With the K5 and 645D they've made a lot of people sit up and take notice. Pentax have also made a welcome return to a lot of stores in the UK that stopped stocking them for a long time, so Hoya's root and branch restructuring seems to be working out. DPReview's K5 gold award didn't do any harm either.

Seems like a long time since people were wailing about the demise of Pentax. Even Thom Hogan seems to take them a bit more seriously these days!

brandrx wrote:

Tuesday 1st February 2011 - "Sales of Pentax cameras exceeded expectations in the last three months of 2010, boosted by new DSLRs, according to the brand's owner, Hoya."

"Pentax accounts for 25% of Hoya's net sales."



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