some IQ D7000 examples numerous lenses no Fine tuning..

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Re: some IQ D7000 examples numerous lenses no Fine tuning..

Yes I was wrong, my internet connection must be slow today. When I click on the pictures they get bigger and look blurry, but they become sharp as they load. It seems that when I magnified those 2 pictures they did not load properly, even if I did that a few times, not just once. Now I clicked on the pictures, wait a little and they finally load.You are right, they are really sharp.

Now I realized why I sounded crazy saying that the first baby picture is not sharp. It is TACK sharp.

Sorry for the mistake, everyone.

P.S. I just read what was copied and pasted here from other posts. My comments about bad pictures were not for this topic, if I have opinions about them I have no problem saying it here, but again, the comments about stupid pictures were NOT about this Topic.

That's cool.... Mine takes a while to load the large file so I know where your coming from.

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