Still glad I picked the E-5 over the D7000-7D

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E-5 plus mFT for me...

I have the full Zuiko HG glass lineup plus the PL25. The E-5 was no brainer for me especially after all the rave reveiews by owners which is most important to me. We all agreed, 12 Mpixels was disappointing but eminently usable and the price was a tad high. Other than that, the images were to die for and the body fixed all the deficiencies of the E-3. So no regrets, it is a great camera.

But, it does not replace my E-520. That honor goes to the EPL1 and GF1 with a mix of mFT lenses and FT lenses on adapters. Even lighter and smaller than my E-520 and when carried with the 20mm is almost P&S size. I get the same great IQ from all 3 bodies and just pick and choose which combo of bodies and lenses to take for any given occasion or shoot.

The only model I was not aware of when I bought my E-5 was the K-5. I originally thought, wow an E-5 shrunk but improved plus some great FA primes and a few really nice zooms like the 50-135. Beautiful Bokeh. Then I saw the courus of complaints in their forum. Green stain's on the K-5 sensor and SMD failures coming on like a lottery. I had a Canon film body once that was a nightmare as you never knew when it would act up. Almost threw it in the Hudson once I was so made when it conck out right as the perfect setup happened before the Statue of Liberty. I know my Zuiko glass works and my E-5 is giving me the most lovely images to work with. The K-5 is still intriging but not until Pentax sorts out some of their problems.

My real future is still with Oly, I believe. While the GH2 is a very tempting camera, Pany is not working to maximixe the still image output. My video needs are really limited to the grand children. No need for super video capabilites there. I want the semipro mFT body that Oly has hinted at with some shrunken HG glass. That is where Oly will come back to the fore front of mFT again, at least I hope. This will still not replace the E-5 unless Oly makes it one kick ass body which I don't expect or actually want. An E-30 capable mFT body shrunk accordingly would be a perfect segway between the EPL1 and the E-5. Till then, my bases are covered from Raptor shoot to a casual day in the city.

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