E-5 @ DPR - Low light / high ISO performance - is it that bad???

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Barry Stewart
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Re: nah... Latitudes

jkrumm wrote:

Actually I wouldn't call dark clouds and pouring rain good light (Eagle) or a few florescent bulbs (the inside house shots) or 3 shop lights with regular bulbs (the play) good light. It looks light good light because I expose properly and had the white balance set right. It's actually fairly crappy light and not really so easy to get nice looking shots in.


I made a fairly long post on this last night but must have forgotten to press "post", as it's not here.

The point was: you are WAY up north, so any winter light you get on a cloudy day is going to be dim. Your eagle shot doesn't LOOK dim, but I believe you when you say it's low light.

I'm at least 1,000 miles south of you and when the clouds are socked in here in the winter, it's less than 1/200th at F/4 and ISO 800 on my E-1 at midday. In my home office at night, the light is about 1/40th at F/4 and ISO 800.

I wonder what a cloudy winter day in California equates to?

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