s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: Comparison shots...

@Arksun : I have uploaded 4 pictures of my kitchen shelves ("test" scene) taken by 4 different cameras, ordered chronologically, and in full resolution, please have a look here:


  • The 1st image has a stuck pixel in lower-right part (not so pronounced here).

  • The 2nd one is quite consistently soft, having a blurry upper part.

  • The 3rd is ok, but that was the camera with Lens error message...

  • The 4th one is from my present S95 - I am quite happy with it (though one could notice that the upper-left corner looks a bit soft).

I also have a few images from the first two cameras in low-light with flash. If you or someone else are interested, I can upload them, too...

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