Dicapac GH2 underwater case (and for others M4/3)

Started Feb 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
Dan Clark Senior Member • Posts: 2,703
I'm find out in a few days...

Many thanks to Petr for posting this! I just ordered a WP-H10 for my GH2 + 20/1.7. I'll post results and pics next week.



jhoff80 wrote:

petr marek wrote:

But anyway who uses zoom underwater?:)

For me personally, it'd be more for pool/beach (and maybe even rain/snow) use than only underwater, so the bigger a range I have for zooming the better, which is another reason why I might just stick with the WP-S5 (bigger and bulkier, but max diameter for lens of 82mm/3.2in, and lens length of 5-9.5cm (2.0-3.7in).

As for the 20mm lens, it's my understanding that with these cases that you get vignetting if the lens is not pressed up against the glass of it pretty tightly, so the 20mm might possibly be too short?

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