"CanNikon Review" - NOT DP Review anymore. How sad :(

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John King
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"CanNikon Review" - NOT DP Review anymore. How sad :(

Gidday Folks

I was at a funeral yesterday. A very sad time, and the death of a friend's son only in his forties. Yesterday and last night we had incredible rain here, a backlash from Cyclone Yasi, apparently. Over two inches in an hour yesterday evening, and another few inches overnight (100~200 mm in the last 12 hours here in Melbourne). Everything is chaotic.

I haven't really read the E-5 review except in the most cursory fashion, as other things to concern us. However, that is not really why I am starting this thread.

Now it appears that there has been another "death" ...

During some quick browsing this morning before tackling our electrical problems caused by the storms last night, I saw this from Barney Britton:

Where he stated :

" No, we just had a ton of other stuff to do, a lot of which was of more general interest to our wider readership . We actually really like the E-5, and we always intended to review it. But a lot of things happened between when it was announced and now, and we've been rushing to catch up. This review has been in the pipeline for a while ." {emphasis mine - JK}

I interpret this to mean that DPR no longer cares about things that does NOT have " ... interest to our wider readership ." Which appears to be referring only to those segments of the market that are already dominated by the two major companies - Canon and Nikon.

In some threads recently, it was debated whether DP Review were picking winners and losers. I believe that this question has now been categorically answered.

Fortunately, there is still some choice in camera systems; and equally fortunately there is still some choice in where we read about them ...

So the "other death" I am mourning is that of DP Review as a credible source of information about our cameras of choice.

It is a sad day that it has come to this, no matter how much many of us have seen it creeping in ...

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Regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.
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