Perfect focus with my D7000!

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Brian Caslis
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Re: Some others also read the manual and have problems.

BJN wrote:

And I'll tell you that using single point AF is not a guarantee of perfect focusing even in a well-adjusted camera. Phase detect AF is engineered for speed, not for perfect focusing precision or repeatability. Even the viewfinder indications for the AF sensor position aren't accurate enough for really precise work. In the real world, most photos don't require spot-perfect focusing, so phase-detect AF is good enough while being faster than the very precise contrast detect AF.

Among the complaints about AF here, some will be legitimate, some will be because of overblown expectations, some will be due to basic misunderstanding of the tool, some will be due to lens issues and not the camera, some...well you get the picture. Many people would never notice an AF issue until they're prompted to play amateur technician inspired by other people's posts. There's almost surely much more noise than signal here on D7000 autofocus and it's impossible to tease out if there's a systematic problem with factory calibration or anything else.

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BJ Nicholls

Excellent reply and spot on. Are there bad cameras? Yes. Are there lots of good cameras? Yes. But some expectations here on phase detect autofocus are way out of line. As posted above detect is neither 100% accurate or 100% repeatable. But most times it's good enough. This is not something specific to the D7000.

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