Does a camera being built in Japan make any difference to you?

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Re: Does a camera being built in Japan make any difference to you?

I have the same feeling... that made in Japan for camera means a better quailty. In may be just a perception... but again, the moment I abandon my trust on a camera (new or used), it will break down suddenly!.

I asked this question a while back and got the same variety answers. I beleive that being closer to the HQ, they have better QA/QC. I noticed that high end Japanese cameras (particularly the professional ones) are still coming from Japan. The same is true for Canon cameras (or at least the last time I made the observation). I also noticed that Panasonic/Lumix has lots of the high end products made in Japan. I beleive, trusting a product is 90% giving confidence to that product and it strangely makes that product better to you. I wonder if Nikon D3X or D3S is made in Japan. What about D700? They may move the production to Thailand now?

In the old days, I trust a sticker with "JIS" on it on cameras, which has passed through QA/QC before being exported.

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