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I'm a 4/3 owner and I keep asking, with no answers, what the 4/3 advantages are the 4/3 owners keep claiming they have over others, as they are a system. They so far aren't able to point out any advantages other than a theoretical, while discounting performance of preexisting FF systems and then blasting DPR and others for not mentioning the advantages of the system.

So, what are the advantages? Why is it such a secret?


High ISO capability trumps this in every way. It freezes camera motion and subject motion. Additionally IBIS is limited to the range in which the stabilization element has room to "wiggle" and can only offset up to a certain degree of motion.

Pixel mapping

No a feature people are clamoring for. Hot pixels either go away in time, or are processed out automatically in raw and jpeg processing.

most of them aren't familiar that such a thing exists, as it is rarely reported in 'reviews'

Olympus colours


hmm well, your very own crank doesnt think so

"I just love Oly colours... " olyflyer
he seems pretty upbeat about that

"Proper" weather sealing

"proper"... myth

unless you feel like paddling in 100F water
E5 in Iceland
"A Geothermal Natural Wonder,
100F water temp,
high silica levels,
Lots of Sulphur and Steam
Good for Skin, not for camera"

Better JPEG


not what it says in the review

World's fastest AF

Complete lie. This one only true for about 3 months after the E3 was released.

so it was true, thanks!

Excellent lenses, even the cheapest kit lenses

Most platforms have excellent lenses. They are also the more pricer lenses.

most? sounds like not all....

Zooms as good as other manufacturer's primes

Not always true.

but sometimes true, thanks !

So far, none of these are highly marketable, or fact.

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