Is there an "upsampling" computer application?

Started Feb 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
luotinen Regular Member • Posts: 223
Comparison: Genuine fractals and SmartEdge

You can find a comparison between Genuine fractals and SmartEdge here (just scroll down):

luotinen wrote:

Try Smart Upscale in G'MIC. It tries to detect edges and preserve them. And it's free.

Usually 2x is acceptable and 4x will start to show damage.

Two examples:

Waterengineer wrote:

Oops. I made a mistake and overwrote a .jpg file resampled at a lower dpi.

Is there an application where an existing file at say, 150 dpi can be resampled at 300pdi?

Or am I hosed. What a silly mistake I made.......

Oh, yes, freeware would be good.

Thanks for the help.

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