D7000 - Sales slowing?

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cmvsm wrote:

Mannypr wrote:

Even though I don't have the camera I would not call the complaints of some here BS from beginner photogs . Some are genuine complaints because there have been many experience photographers here who have had to send their cameras for service. Some of them are right here in the forum. Many do seem to be complaints of inexperience photogs who think that buying a DSLR is like using a P&S but many are not.

Either way, the complaints are minor compared to how many D7K cameras are out there. Although it is a machine, and bad samples will exist, I still chalk most up to not knowing how to use the camera. On the D300s, the fine tuning lens feature is welcomed. If you have to use it on the D7K, its considered a camera flaw. Ridiculous.


I agree. The only legitimate generic complaint was that of the hot pixels, and Nikon addressed that issue fairly quickly. The rest of the negative complaints are either a bad sample of the D7000, those that don't understand how to use a sophisticated camera, or trolls and tricksters that get a lot of attention, unfortunately.

Just look at the top few threads and you get the idea of what's going on with this forum at any given time.

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