s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: Finally!...

At laaaaast!.. My 4th S95 arrived yesterday seems finally to be just fine

  • sensor is ok - no hot/dead pixels at base ISO 80 at all, and only a few "slightly warm" seen at corners at ISO 3200 (both checked by exposure at 0.5')

  • LCD has a few stuck pixels (which is quite typical for S95) seen as tiny blue spots in darkness but I don't care about them, as they don't appear on images

  • lenses are now sharp from corner to corner (to my eyes)

  • autofocusing has become faster and zooming is smoother / quieter than in the 3rd camera (hence I suspect there could be indeed some mechanical fault there)

  • overall the camera is somehow more responsible now... just proper, as it should be

As to the earlier discussion on whether to send a brand new camera wit a fault for a replacement or repair, it resembles me a bit that not unknown split into optimists / pessimists by judging whether a glass is half full / half empty I (optimistically) think that although bad luck sometimes happens (and even not once, sometimes), it is a vendor who is responsible for a brand new item to be fault-free per default. Eventually it is we - consumers - who must set the final quality control to be passed. So, let us raise overall quality standards together ;-)...

@Arksun: I do have a few quite comparable shots from all the 4 cameras. I'll upload them a bit later (hopefully, tomorrow)...

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