How to improve on flower pictures - C&C please.

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Re: How to improve on flower pictures - C&C please.

If you use a shallow depth of focus, as you've done, focus on an emphasis point, something that you want the viewer to see specifically. Often times the emphasis point is the center of the flower. I've found that if the center is blurred, the whole shot looks bad. It's like taking a portrait with the eyes out of focus. With this rose, I would say there isn't a point that is really dramatically opening bud might be more interesting to shoot. As people have said, try shooting from the side, or include other parts of the rose in the frame.

One of the best ways to improve composition is to look at lots of photos and figure out what you like about them.

Here's one of my favorite macro shots that I took. I blurred the background so that the flower is the emphasis, but enough of the background is deblurred that the form of the whole plant is apparent:

I have a couple of other macro shots in that set that I think are good.

And a few other macro shots:


Sometimes a really deep depth of focus can be interesting too:

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