Dell or MAC Laptop?

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PC laptops more reliable than Apple laptops.

In an earlier post, someone was saying how bad HP laptops were claiming 31% malfunction. But that was a projection for 3 years. The statistics show in reality over 2 years out of 100 laptops sold Apple would have 10 malfunctions and HP would have 16. HP pumps out tons of the sub $400 laptops compared to apples 1k premium laptops so we would expect the Apples malfunction rate to be lower, but it is not that much lower considering the price. But Asus, Sony and Toshiba rate better.

How often do you upgrade your laptop? Every 2 to 4 to 6 years? I can buy a 400 hp laptop and good chances 15% malfunction rate in 2 years it will last more than 2 years maybe 3. If I bought 3 HP laptops over 9 years and only bought 1 apple, by the 9th year, the HP laptop would be so much faster better and newer technology than the 9 year old Apple it would not even be funny.

Be careful what people are saying about realiability just the facts maam.

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