GH1 vs GH2 for stills

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Re: Waiting for the GH-3

Michael Everett wrote:
SF Photo Gal wrote:

I've just found that the results from my GH-1 have been very inconsistent. When it's good, it very good, but way too often it just kind of stinks.

I'm curious, what happens when the GH1 is bad? Is it the banding or something else?

I've never really had a concern about banding except when really pushing the ISO and shooting against really dark backgrounds.

I guess maybe I excecpted too much from the GH-1. I paid $1,200 for it at the time and really thought for that kind of money, I should be getting better stills. For video use, it's my preference over my 5DII, but as a still camera, an expensive still camera, it was a little weak. I still use it, a lot actually, but I don't seem to be wowed by it like I am with my GF-1. But like I said, maybe it's just the expectation levels.

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