1D Mark IV vs 7D autofocus

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Re: 1D Mark IV vs 7D autofocus

Gordon Ellmers wrote:

I'm a hobbyist who primarily shoots birds with a 7D, Canon 500mm and 1.4x tc. Before I bought the 7D a year ago, I used a 1D Mark IIN. The 7D is a great camera except for the autofocus on bright sunny days, especially with blue sky for a background. Most of the shots on days like this are out of focus enough to be "deletes." I believe the 1D Mark IIN was better at autofocusing than the 7D. It doesn't matter whether I'm using servo or one shot.

Hmm... that's unusual with the 7d. I've found that for birding it is a highly useful camera, especially when shooting contrasty objects against plain backgrounds. What are your AF settings?

Yes, the 1dmkII is arguably the best AF camera that Canon made (some say the original 1d was). The areas that I've run into AF issues with the 7d have been primarily sports - soccer, swimming, b-ball, hockey, etc. There, the 7d seems to yield perhaps a 50% in focus rate for sequences.

I was out today in the beautiful sunshine shooting bluebirds, and only one shot out of around 100 was tack sharp. Some of the others were pretty good but just of focus enough to be annoying. If I thought the 1D Mark IV was better at autofocusing than this, I believe I would buy it. Could people who own both cameras please give me your opinion.

Care to post a couple of examples so that people can possibly troubleshoot?

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