s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: Make Canon fix it...!

gollywop wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Mike wrote:

Quit playing Russian Roulette...!

Just send it to them to "fix it"...make like it "should have been originally..."


I disagree with this. The OP should get a brand new one or a refund. Having Canon open this brand new camera up to fix what could be a intermittent problem on a brand new camera is still like playing Russian Roulette IMO and who knows how many times he will have to send it back.

I completely disagree with this and I agree with Mike. The OP has already seen the problem of sending it back for a "brand new" one: each new one can have its own problem. The best thing to do is take an otherwise good camera that has a problem and send it back to Canon to fix the problem. That way you're dealing with a known commodity.

An "otherwise good camera" is a faulty camera. You dont know what's causing this problem. You dont pay for a faulty camera.

So your saying that because the OP has been very unlucky he stands no chance of getting one that works properly?

It's too late now, but clearly the OP's best choice would have been to send camera number 1 back to have the hot pixel fixed. Then he'd be golden and not encountering new problems every round.

Totally disagree with this and agree with Paul.
If you mean "golden" as in a perfect camera then thats just not true.

Why would you think that? look at the many posts on here about people sending cameras to Canon, only for them to come back in a worse state or need sending back 2 or three more times.

If it was a hard on error i would agree that Canon might do a good job do fixing it, but if they turn it on and there is no error there what are they going to do? What if they cant find any issues with it and send it back, only for it to happen again at a later stage?

Here in the UK we dont have to put up with this. If you buy something and it doesnt work you send it back. Why should the OP pay more money to send it to Canon, and have his camera away for longer?

Lets face it, its not every S95 that is faulty and whilst its unfortunate he got a few bad ones this is nothing but coincidence.

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