s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: Make Canon fix it...!

dave_bass5 wrote:

Mike wrote:

Quit playing Russian Roulette...!

Just send it to them to "fix it"...make like it "should have been originally..."


I disagree with this. The OP should get a brand new one or a refund. Having Canon open this brand new camera up to fix what could be a intermittent problem on a brand new camera is still like playing Russian Roulette IMO and who knows how many times he will have to send it back.

I completely disagree with this and I agree with Mike. The OP has already seen the problem of sending it back for a "brand new" one: each new one can have its own problem. The best thing to do is take an otherwise good camera that has a problem and send it back to Canon to fix the problem. That way you're dealing with a known commodity.

It's too late now, but clearly the OP's best choice would have been to send camera number 1 back to have the hot pixel fixed. Then he'd be golden and not encountering new problems every round.

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