s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues


This was precisely my point about that "E18 Lens error" message, as my old trusty SD880 turned out to have the same message recorded but I don't remember any malfunctioning with that camera. However, I believe (and many of you helped me in this) that a brand new camera must be free of any such stuff. Furthermore, that 3rd S95 did retract itself a couple of times automatically with "Lens error" message on the screen. Not good = sent back.


True, I follow only this forum, not the others, as I've been a Canon user for years (well, my very first cam was Casio QV-R41 ;-), replaced by Canon A700 which is a great cam, actually, still working fine for my little nephew...). So I cannot fully judge the other vendors, just sometimes some "rumours" being whispered here, too... (Yes, I know, don't judge by rumours but the facts...)


As I mentioned earlier (and was advised by many) I decided to go again for a replacement, and the 4th S95 has just been delivered. I'll do some tests later in the evening and see what I've got this time. Hoping for the best... update you later...

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