s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

ericN2 wrote:

I saw on here just a few days ago a note about using vers.req to check Shutter Count on the Canons..including the S95... so out of curiosity I did it on my own S95.. not long ago acquired and so far very delighted with it.,

MINE, on one screen, showed a 'message'.. E18:Lens Error .. or whatever it is.. nothing more than that.. no mention of lens stuck or anything...just "Lens Error"

Now I just do not know WHAT gave rise to that..As far as I recall I've NEVER had a stuck lens .. it has, and does, occasionally not focus at near ranges, but I'm sure I now realise correctly that if you are in any zoomed position, then naturally it will just not focus on a spot until you are relatively distant from it, according to amount of zoom used.. Does a failed focus in any way create the message?. I don't know...

But since I yet see NO practical reason why it has recorded that message.. I'm relying on a "better the Devil you know..." thing.. I do NOT have the slightest reason to discredit the camera I have - quite the cointrary really..it is now performing excellently.. so why presume it will do otherwise at some relatively distant time ??

There's a huge difference between an error message you've only seen when digging deep into a file, and an error message that shows up on the screen and locks up a camera. The first one is likely to be nothing to worry about. The second is very unlikely to go away on it's own.

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