s95 excitement and disappointment: quality issues

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Re: not just Canon

scholar wrote:

Somehow, I've got an impression (by reading posts here) that quality seems to be less of an issue by Panasonic or Nikon. But these don't have anything as attractive and balanced as S95 (IMHO). Just hope that this is achieved not by compromising in build quality by Canon...

Then you haven't been in the Nikon forum listening to complaints about the Nikon D7000 ($1k dslr or so). There's been a ton of complaining about bad pixels, as well as a ton of complaints about the cameras consistently having consistently soft (slightly misfocussed) focus). It's as widespread as complaints about the rear wheel on the s90 were here.

...not that I'm terribly happy with Canon, I had to send my s90 back twice before getting the bad pixels fixed, the first time they sent me the camera back with more bad pixels than when I started. Just saying it's not "just" Canon.

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