Help me decide GH2 vs 60D vs D7000

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Re: Help me decide GH2 vs 60D vs D7000

cmeyer911 wrote:

This is very interesting site, you can compare quantum efficiency (conversion of photons to usable electrons), sensor bit (higher is better color, see Canon website on this), read noise (lower is better for shadows) and saturation (higher is better for highlights), and dynamic range (log base 2 of saturation minus read noise). With this information, it is easy to give the Nikon the upper hand for image quality.

The main thing here is:

The sensor is NOT the camera. While a good sensor is a very solid base on which image quality can be built, it is not at all the end of the story.

In this aspect I find the sensor data less interesting for a photograper (while it is extremely interesting for a camera designer!)

At the end of the day the photo needs to please you. Sensor aside there are quite some differences how the signal is handled.

I quite like the Canon output, even if the Nikon might have the lead in DR and low noise at high ISO.

A totally personal oppinion, this is not to say that Canon is better or whatever. But it's visible different.

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