Amazon has listing advisory for K-R? What does this mean?

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Re: mea culpa

BHPhotog wrote:

Well, I was wrong in asserting that all K-rs could not have the problem because I tested my K-r and found no FF.

I retested, this time from further back and stopped down (app. two meters @ f/8) and it does, in fact, show FF. So I retract my comments.

Now I have to decide what to do about it: hold onto a great little camera and hope Pentax put out a software fix, or return it for a refund and try something else, or just pretend it doesn't matter and forget about artificial light AF shooting.

Strange as it may seem, my worst FF is also not real close shots either. I have to really watch indoor portraits in low light. But I am aware of the range and condition, so I can live with it, for now.

Again, this is why I came to this forum, for information. If i would have purchased a K-r, and not known of this problem, I would have pulled my hair out trying to figure out waht was going on, or what was wrong. The whole point here is not for posters to harass people coming here for info, and refuse to either believe there is (or is not) a problem, regardless of the info supplied. But instead, to inform and help find solutions. I inquire and search various forums for most of my purchases. All forums have "doubters" and "cry wolfers", that refuse to believe anything.

I am not selling mine, as it is much too good of an overall camera. I will wait for a fix and work around the problem.

So lets move on to the solution. What i would suggest is that all of us with the problem, forward this Germany info to our local Pentax repair centers. This is the real proof that we need to show Pentax that their company has discovered the problem, and we want a fast solution. Having come from a manager of a large global company, i know how even important news, sometimes takes a while to get to all levels. Pass it along.


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