Help me decide GH2 vs 60D vs D7000

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Re: Help me decide GH2 vs 60D vs D7000

This is very interesting site, you can compare quantum efficiency (conversion of photons to usable electrons), sensor bit (higher is better color, see Canon website on this), read noise (lower is better for shadows) and saturation (higher is better for highlights), and dynamic range (log base 2 of saturation minus read noise). With this information, it is easy to give the Nikon the upper hand for image quality. I faced this same decision recently, but ruled the Nikon out on cost considerations and wanted the flip screen. The lack of fast zoom glass for Panasonic was a big negative for me. I checked a lot of sites and I believe the 60D has better color in all situations, which was another biggy for me. You don't have to pixel peep to see bad color. I decided on 60D and the Canon 17-55/2.8 on image quality concerns at 2.8, which is why you buy a fixed aperture. I'll buy other lenses as my wife lets me. Check focusing concerns on that Sigma and make sure you can carry the weight.

See my posts for opinions from others. My usage may not match your intended usage. I went over all this with my coworker and he is going GH2 for the video quality. I would like the GH2 for portability and discretion.

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