NEX-5 Video - crazy shutter speeds.

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Re: to make things clear

First I've got to revise the section GAIN because it's wrong. Then I'll try to pull-out from my eBook something that stands on it's own.

Glad to hear that someone really wants to use a lightmeter! Once upon a time, everyone used one.

I wish I could afford a digital version because it would make NEX adjustments much faster. You also can predict the amount of ND you need, but with a fader that's not so important.

One thing about Faders -- the minimum is -2 stops. Which means under some conditions there will be over-correction. I want to revise this section too.

Give me a few days. In the mean time, please keep asking good questions as they help an author.

Am I allowed to post the URL of camcorder site that has a long discussion of the VG10?

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