E3 Split Screen Repair - HOWTO

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E3 Split Screen Repair - HOWTO

The problem of the E3 LCD screen splitting occasionally comes up and the owner usually gets it professionally repaired - at a 'professional cost'. The job is childishly simple and the spare part cheap. Here are instructions I posted elsewhere a while ago:

Parts Needed:

Olympus E-3 - LCD Monitor Back Cover - VK605401. (£6.50 from Luton Camera Repair Services. Unfortunately the postage of £3.50 inflates this cost, but hey, why not order a flash hotshoe cover and remote socket cap while you're at it - you've probably lost them anyway by now!)


1) Small Phillips screwdriver (eg Draper number 0). Get a decent quality branded make don't get a set from a 'poundshop' - your camera deserves better!

2) Thin bladed pocket knife - eg the small blade of a 'Swiss Army' knife.

3) Forceps/tweezers (for handling the small screws).

4) Watchmaker's Eyeglass. This is optional, but a great help.


1) Remove the two screws at the opening end of the monitor.

2) At the hinge end you will see two circular disks about 7mm diameter. Carefully prise them off using the tip of the knife blade. They are held with a soft self-adhesive and cover two screws. Set the disks to one side.

3) Remove the two screws exposed at (2).

4) The back will now be free and can be removed.

5) Remove the broken pieces of lug remaining from the old back.

6) Check joint faces for dirt and fit new back.

7) Fit screws and disks covering hinge side screws.

Job done!


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